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Heat pump could cut electricity use by as much as 60%

17 Oct
Chris Urbanowicz 17 October 2019 0
In the United States, heating homes and businesses produces about 560 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, or about a 10th of the country’s emissions – The New York Times said

But there’s something that might drastically cut down on both your heating bills and your carbon footprint, no matter where you live: a heat pump

According to New York Times:

„A heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling unit. There are a few different kinds, but the most common ones extract warmth from the air. Then, they move it inside (to heat the home) or outside (for cooling). That requires a lot less energy than traditional heating systems — like boilers, furnaces and electric radiators — that work by warming up the air inside your house”

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