Who we are

We are an integrator of designing, building and delivering prefabricated homes from 130 m2 to more 1000 m2. We provide high-quality, cutting-edge, sustainable and innovative building solutions in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our projects are compatible with all the different climate types found in Europe, from Portugal to Russia and beyond. Our transportable homes building system is fast, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Our Mission

We integrate building, technological 
and marketing solutions,
 comprehensively managing the process
of creating smart, ecological
 and energy-saving

Our Vision

We create innovative
and sustainable houses of the future,
 that will use energy 
from renewable sources, inspire people
 and make their lives healthier,
 easier and more

Where the houses are manufactered

Houses of the Future will be manufactured in Poland from prefabricated elements: modules or panels. The module may include one or several rooms. Wall elements already at the production stage are equipped with electrical and hydraulic connections, which significantly reduces the assembly time and reduces the costs of construction workers.

Become Partner

We kindly invite you to join our Business network and explore how you can become a part of the House of the Future project. Contact us: chris.urbanowicz@houseofthefuture.eu