Delivery: 3-4 months

Alexa House

Turnkey home: Just walk in and start living
338 m2 3 Bedrooms 2-Cars Carport Garages 5 Bathrooms
$ 1,352,000 Euro

About Alexa House

Whether it's a slightly rolling hill or a rocky, steep landscape, Alexa House will do the job perfectly. Glamorous and elegant, this contemporary house is specially designed for sloping site. Light-filled thanks to the large floor to ceiling glass walls, the house offer a stunning, panoramic view of the surrounds from every room, either from the living room, open kitchen or from the bedrooms. Absolutely mind-blowing!

338 m2

Large, spacious and luxurious house perfect for sloping site.

2 Floors

Flat-roof with solar energy system


For 2 cars. Storage room and Hobby room (golf, ski, bike..) in option.

3 Bedrooms

Bedrooms with large floor to ceiling glass walls.

5 bathrooms equipped

Ready to use, fully featured (well-known European brands).

Kitchen equipped

Ready to use, fully featured (well-known European brands).

built-in wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes made of MDF panels, white or coloured.

Heat Pump

Significantly increase your energy savings and reduce carbon footprint

Solar Panels

A key element of a green and energy-efficient home.

Electrical installation

The house contains a complete electrical system with a control unit.

Water and sewage installation

The house contains a complete water and sewage system.

Smart home system

Remotely manage electricity use, lighting, and security systems.

Additional Costs


Foundation slab not included. Factors that affect the cost include local regulations and vary significantly by country.


Transport not included. We do it but we can calculate the cost only after you choose your home and enter your localisation.

Land preparation

Land preparation not included. The costs of clearing land and utility connections vary significantly by country.


Costs of permits required for preparing the land, installation and others fees are not included.

Alexa House Plan

Alexa House is a two-floor turnkey house of 338 m2 with a large living room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a game area with a billard. As the house is located on sloping terrain, the entrance is on level zero while bedrooms, game area, terrace, and pool are on level -1. Selected rooms can be converted into a home gym or an office, useful not only in the COVID-19 era.

Alexa House Plan
Two Floors Options

  • 1. Entry and main hall
  • 2. Open kitchen with island
  • 3. Dinning Area
  • 4. Living Area
  • 5. Pantry
  • 6. Wine Cabinet
  • 7. built-in wardrobes
  • 8. Stairs leading to level -1
  • 9. Bathroom
  • 10. Laudry
  • 11. Office
  • 12. Game Room with billard
  • 13. Bathroom
  • 14. Game Corner
  • 15. Night Area Corridor
  • 16. Bedroom with bathroom and closet
  • 17. Bedroom with bathroom and closet
  • 18. Master Bedroom
  • 19. Master Bathroom
  • 20. Carport

You can add 8 paid options to your Glass House.

  • 1. Terrace
  • 2. Conversation Pit (Fire Pit)
  • 3. Swimming Pool
  • 4. Pergola
  • 5. Wine Cellar
  • 6. GYM ROOM (detached)
  • 7. Storage Room at Carport
  • 8. Hobby Room at Carport (ski, fishing, cycling, golf)