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Energy: save up 90%

  • House of The Future exists in two energy-efficient versions: Passive House or Low Energy House.
  • Passive House buildings are eco-friendly by definition. They use extremely little primary energy, leaving sufficient energy resources for all future generations without causing any environmental damage.
  • The Passive Houses have an average energy savings of 90% for space heating over conventional homes.
  • The Low Energy Houses consume 25%-50% less energy than traditional houses.
  • Very-low-energy houses in general have a lower environmental impact.

Healthy living conditions

  • The quality of the indoor air we breathe is extremely important. The average homes can suffer from moisture, odors and particles as well as many other air borne contaminants such as dust mites, CO2, pollen, volatile organic compounds and radon.
  • We protect our health and well-being by improving indoor air quality. The mechanical ventilation system exchanges the air inside the house for fresh air every 3 hours. The quality of the air we breathe has a crucial impact on our well-being and allows for faster regeneration of strength.
  • The smart home system controls and regulates the level of humidity around the clock, taking care of the thermal comfort of the residents. A person feels best when the relative air humidity is 40-60% and the optimal temperature in the apartment is 20-22°C (18°C in the bedroom).

Even 80% more natural light

  • A healthy home is full of natural light. Large floor to ceiling glazing on selected walls provides up to 80% more natural light than in a traditional home with ordinary windows.
  • This improves well-being, improves mood, alleviates symptoms of depression and has a positive effect on eyesight.
  • It also causes, as scientists claim, the production of serotonin, commonly known as the “hormone of happiness”

A totally quiet house

  • Another benefit of airtightness in the House of the Future is sound quality.
  • When the doors and windows are shut, the house is almost completely silent.
  • Even ambient noise is reduced since there isn’t central air turning off and on.

Rainwater Harvesting

  • Management of storm water is a key element of the ecological and economic way of life.
  • Collected water can be used for watering lawns and garden around the house, watering the plants in the winter garden, washing the car, and toilet flushing, washing, cleaning.
  • We believe that the protection of the environment and its resources is our duty, especially when the cost of cubic of drinking water, increasing from year to year.

Advantage through technology

Our modular or panelized homes are built off-site in 2-6 months, to around 90% completion. So you can move in sooner. Time is money.

Cheap to maintain. Our geothermal and solar energy system allows to reduce energy costs from 25% to 90%.

Smart home system automatically adjusts fresh air, temperature and humidity inside.

The glass doors and windows use triple panes to achieve a minimum of R-5 insulation value and some are over R-10.

100% of home systems are controlled by smartphone. Simply and easy.

Compliant with the European Union directive about the obligation to use renewable energy sources from 2019 onwards.

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